Double Impact 2 Concrete, Asphalt and Dirt Compactors

Basic unit shown with optional kick stand, optional lower handle, optional Driveway Zipper and optional water system.

Mini Plate Compactor

A plate compactor small enough to be used where others simply can not go. Easily managed by one person, this 2 stroke, gasoline engine compactor has so many uses, we haven't even found them all yet.

From concrete or asphalt to dirt and everything in between. If it needs to be compacted, and you are resorting to manual tamping, you are wasting your time, energy and money.

Due to a special vibrator weight design, this compactor is balanced through the range of rotation, except for vertical force. Vertically up and down, this compactor focuses the energy right where you need it, on the work!



Aluminum construction to be easy to handle.

Vibration isolation for operator comfort.

Impact shoe articulates front to rear to help provide contact over contours.

Replacable impact shoe.

Great for all ground installation work, piping, electrical, etc.

Concrete work.

Asphalt work.

Rock wall footing setting.

Standard Equipment;
Engine Power: 0.7kw/6500-7000rpm with vibration isolation (see options for 4 stroke Honda)
Displacement: 25.4cc
Carburation: Float Type
Fuel Mix Ratio: 25:1
Total Weight: 30 lbs
Max Vibration RPM: 7000 and rpm is adjustable with a knob on the throttle
Effective Force: 400 lbs (7Krpm)
Uses for the Double Impact: Infinite
Standard Plate Size: 7" x 7" with a half inch radius on all four sides (see options for other plate designs)

One handle with vibration isolation: Quick disconnect replaceable shoe from the flat plate to the Driveway Zipper. Just pull the pin and the plate is removed. Vibrator head is completely isolated by sturdy anti vibration mounts. Engine has vibration isolation. All plates tips front to rear for impacting under objects and over contours.


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